5 Chef Tips to Implement the Protocol and Stick to it!

Welcome Wahls Seminar Participants!


Here are my five tips for where to begin making the changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can be a full-time Wahls Warrior and actually enjoy eating all the food and make meal prep easy:


  • Start Simple – go with foods you know how to cook and feel comfortable making. Slowly adjust them to fit your new way of eating by swapping out the ingredients you are currently avoiding
    • Then move on to new foods and ingredients
    • Learn new recipes one at a time. Get to know a new cooking technique or recipe to the point you feel comfortable changing up the ingredients


  • Ingredient Swaps
    • Get familiar with the foods you are avoiding like gluten and dairy. What are all the names for those ingredients and where do they show up in packaged foods.
    • Then, learn ways to swap them out with healthier ingredients that still make your meals feel rich and satisfying.


  • Whenever you cook, make extra – Batch Cooking
    • Saves you time in cooking and cleaning up your kitchen
    • Wake up to food already cooked and ready for a quick breakfast!



  • Set up your Kitchen like you mean it
    • Do you have clear counter space to work in? Clear up the clutter
    • How are your pots and pans?  Do you need to throw some out, get something new?
    • Do you actually have the equipment you need to cook?
    • What about knives, cutting boards, cooking utensils


Resources to Download

Download Andrea’s Weekly Meal Planner Here

Download Andrea’s Daily Wahls Meal Planner Sheet Here

Download the Ingredients that Contain Gluten List Here


Download the Ingredients that Contain Dairy List Here

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