Chef Training

The Art of Gluten Free Cooking

This course is your ultimate guide for creating delicious and satisfying meals without wheat or gluten. Allergy Free cooking has been around awhile, but there isn’t a central source showing how to do it well. Learning how to cook this way can be overwhelming at first and many people give up before they even start especially when they give it a try and a dish comes out less than desirable. The goal of this course is to shorten the learning curve for you and give you tools to understand how to transform your traditional cooking into gluten-free with great success.

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In this course you will learn...

  • What all of those alternative flours are and how to use them.
  • What ingredients to swap in when converting your traditional recipes to gluten-free.
  • Our recommendations for ready-made products in the stores so you won’t waste your money when trying something new.
  • Real Chef cooking techniques to make your gluten-free meals amazing.
  • Resources for trustworthy gluten-free cookbooks and online recipe blogs you can trust.
  • 10 of my best gluten-free recipes including the chocolate cake I get asked to make for everyone.

About Your Instructor

Andrea Sprague is a professional Chef specializing in health-supportive diets and allergy-free cooking. She has been gluten-free herself since 2004 when it wasn’t as common as it is today. When she was told to go gluten-free by a Nutritionist there was only one really good cookbook to follow and some really gritty brown rice flour in the stores. It appeared that her favorite meals were lost never to be recreated. This frustration and confusion are what led her to go to culinary school, to go learn how to cook for herself again.

Since then, she has been cooking for clients with all kinds of dietary restrictions. They are all delighted with how she is able to create meals that the entire family enjoys, even if only one person in the family is gluten-free. There are so many families out there that need help supporting their special diets. Whether they are trying to do it themselves or hiring a Chef to do it for them. This course is designed to help professional chefs that want to learn how to cook gluten-free and didn’t get that training in culinary school. And there is no book out there that covers this in quite the same way. This course is also for the home cook with no culinary training that wants to learn this way of cooking for health reasons.