The Holistic Chef

Do you or someone in your family have food allergies or sensitivities and are not sure of what to eat? Do you just want to start eating more healthy and nutritious meals at home but do not have time to cook?

Treat yourself and have a trained Chef come to your home and create delicious, whole-foods meals that are free of the things you may be sensitive to. Chef Andrea will work with you to plan menus that are balanced as well as delicious. She does all the shopping, usually on the same day that the meals are cooked so everything is fresh. Preparation is done in your kitchen and then left for you to enjoy when you come home as well as enough for as many days as you choose. 

Food allergies and food-related diseases are becoming more prevalent today.  Chances are you or someone you know is dealing with analyzing ingredient lists at the supermarket.  We can work with you to create a menu that is free of the foods you cannot eat or are choosing to keep out of your diet.  There are many wheat-free alternatives that can be used to make those baked goods you have been missing and natural sweeteners that are safe for diabetics.  A sampling of menus we have created include: Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and others. 

Maybe you are not sure you have a food allergy?  Or you were just diagnosed with a food allergy and you have no idea what to do next?  Chef Andrea has over 10 years experience cooking for people with special food needs as well as training in alternative health systems and holistic nutrition. Let Chef Andrea help guide you through the process. Phone consultations are available as well as cook dates.

·    Gourmet meals prepared in your home
·    Menus are customized to your needs
·    Shopping, Packaging and Cleanup all done by the Chef, you are left with delicious food for

     dinner and none of the mess
·    Organic ingredients can be used exclusively whenever possible
·    Specialty ingredients can be used to accommodate food allergies

Nutritional consultations and cooking lessons are also offered on a monthly basis so you can learn how to create all of these delicious meals yourself.

​​​​​​​Chef, Recipe Developer and Nutritional Consultant